Consulting Services

OptimisConsulting, a subsidiary of Optimis, provides consulting services to clinic directors and owners, helping them to operate their businesses as successfully as possible.  The core service offerings include:

  • Business Intelligence to assist in benchmarking against key profit drivers
  • Business Modeling and strategic planning
  • Regulatory Compliance concerns with CMS and policy and procedure reviews with safeguards
  • Full Credentialing Services
  • Software EHR enhancement and training
  • Robust reporting tools and dashboard metrics
  • Process Improvement for work flow analyses, and complete systems review for streamlining
  • Third-party billing and collection services
  • Social Media presence development along with mobile app innovation and GEO fencing
  • Exit strategy advice as well as buy-side and sell-side advisory consultation
  • Buyer Segmentation, Revenue Planning, and Lead Generation Management
  • Channel Optimization for Top Line Growth Strategies
  • Campaign planning and sales process support for market/account optimization
  • Complete auditing services including chart and site audits
  • Comprehensive Quality and Compliance Program
  • Compliance Hot line
  • Continuing Education Updates for OSHA, Billing Coding
  • Customer Service Training Modules